RazzleberryFox and ProfMobius collaborated to create DecoCraft. This mod introduces new sets of sculpted blocks for decoration that are both distinctive and complex. The models and textures of the blocks introduced by this mod are extremely detailed. Some of these bricks, or props, can be moved, according to RazzleberryFox. This mod’s sole purpose is to be decorative.

The player will see a “ghost block” detailing exactly where every piece of the block will be placed when placing any block from the mod. This contour also indicates whether or not the player can place the block in the indicated spot. The block cannot be placed there if the outline is red, and vice versa if the outline is white. When a block is placed at a spot that crosses with another block, even marginally, as most DecoCraft blocks can take up slightly more than a block’s area, a message will appear in chat. You’re not going to be able to put that there. There’s a stumbling block in the path.

What is Decocraft Mod?

Decocraft is a mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 that adds a variety of decorative blocks. These aren’t just blocks with different colors; they’re also blocks that are intricate and detailed.

Mods that bring sophisticated new things and new ways to play the game are great, but sometimes all you want is a mod that gives you gorgeous blocks to adorn your house with. Decocraft mod is successful because of this. The included blocks also contain certain unique characteristics, such as movability. As you can see, Decocraft 2 adds a lot more detail and elegance to your home than the vanilla edition.

It also features a pleasant user interface. You can see where the block will go and whether it can go there. If you try to place a block and can’t, it will tell you just what’s blocking you. It also comes with its own bench, the Decobench, that you’ll use to make the mod’s unique goods. More information on how to make it may be found in the mod.

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The Decocraft Mod adds a slew of additional accessories to the game to help you liven up your environment. From furniture and silverware to lights and beer kegs, you can now make it all. This mod will give you a lot more options when it comes to adorning your constructions.

The addition of clay is the key to this mod. These are the most significant parts of your props because they are the foundation. They come in three different hues, and the colors dictate how an object is made. In most cases, you can craft something that looks comparable to the crafted shape.

With different beds to create, your bedroom will look a lot more realistic and unique. You may make your bedding out of almost any hue in the game, and you can even make double and canopy beds. Plus, for that extra “bedroom” vibe, you may also add bedside tables and vanities.

Many attempts to make a proper bathroom in Minecraft have been made, and while they are innovative, they lack true detail. You can now make sinks, faucets, toilets, and even toilet paper rolls with this mod. This isn’t your bathroom, so don’t expect it to look like this.

The hanging bridge is a fantastic feature. It’s not something you see very often, but it adds a lot to the look of a forested home or castle. And it’s a fantastic way to traverse a large chasm.

Kegs, crates, barrels, and safes can all be used to decorate your storage space. They may not be able to hold anything, but they contribute significantly to the authenticity of a decent cellar.

Finally, with loads of decorations like trees, presents, garland, and Santa’s sleigh, you can get into the Christmas spirit any time of year!



So, if you want to add some style to your home or just want to try something new in Minecraft, the Decocraft mod is a great place to start.